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One of our pots was recently featured in an article on Huffington Post regarding Eva Mendez, the famed and beautiful actress from movies like "Hitch" and "Stuck on You". The article talks about her amazing sense of style and her eye for appealing homes. It also comments about sophisticated interiors and design inspiration that she uses.

Then there is a graphic that says "Get Eva Mendez Chic Living Room" and in that graphic is one of our black clay pottery urns (2. Classic urn) with a link to our website.

Now we have always known that we had beautiful and distinctive pottery for the discriminating buyer for someone who wants a sophisticated look. But we have to confess that when our Mexican pottery catches the eye of the beautiful movie star like Eva Mendes, this definitely makes our day.

So while you are browsing on our site looking at this beautiful decorative black clay pottery, just know that some very famous and beautiful people have also been here admiring our handiwork.

What does that say about you? It says you've got good taste.

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